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Automate your sports facility rentals, events & lessons

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  • Be part of the Active Arena App (The Active Arena App will be launching July 20th to the AppStore & GooglePlay.)

  • Sell your activity or court rentals, events & lessons. (Seamless filter of available spots are effectively managed and allocated to users throughout the Active Arena Marketplace)

  • Instant Push Notifications Enhance user experience and engagement with push notifications. (Feature available on July 20th)

  • Secure online payment processing with Stripe

  • Automate follow-up and reduce no-show rates with push & email reminders.

  • parallel18 startup project. Designed & developed in Puerto Rico

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Active Arena by AlphieSoft is a platform that allows businesses in the sports & outdoor activity niche to sell their activities including court/ activity rentals, events/ tournaments & lessons all in one place. Our purpose is to help businesses enhance their customer experience and engagement while also helping them to automate their operations.

We aim to develop Active Arena into a community in the sports & outdoor activity niche in which users can connect, meet & compete with likeminded people. Ready to take part and help us build the Active Arena community? Join today as a partner or user:

We have a proven track record assisting businesses automate their operations, particularly in the sports & outdoor activity niche. Currently, we have thousands of active users utilizing the mobile apps and web platforms we've developed for multiple clients. Each engages daily, seeking consultations for their desired activities, processing transactions, receiving reminder notifications, and more. We take pride in asserting that we possess a robust automation technology that is unique in Puerto Rico.

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