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Active Arena by AlphieSoft is a platform/marketplace focused on assisting tennis clubs/centers and sports parks in automating their operations. Unlike our personalized sports facility automation product, which we've already implemented for several recognized tennis clubs, sports parks and events in Puerto Rico, our goal with Active Arena is to reach an even wider audience.

We aim to provide access to our automation technology to more tennis clubs, sports park and events/ tournaments while significantly reducing the onboarding time and cost for businesses to join.

We like to call it the Uber for Sports facilities and event coordinators.

We have a proven track record of assisting businesses in automating their operations, particularly in the racquet niche. Currently, we have thousands of active users utilizing our mobile apps and web platforms. Each engages daily, seeking consultations for their desired activities, processing transactions, receiving reminder notifications, and more. We take pride in asserting that we possess a robust automation technology that is unique in Puerto Rico.

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Our mission is quite simple: we aim to assist tennis clubs/centers, sports parks & event coordinators still reliant on paper systems in optimizing their operations through our automation technology. Simultaneously, we strive to enhance user experience by offering an easy-to-use web and mobile app.

Active Arena allows users to check availability, reserve spots by paying online, ensuring a seamless experience without surprises upon arrival at the court or location. Additionally, they can receive reminder push & email notifications about their activities, complete e-waivers, purchase or renew club/ facility memberships and much more.

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